A Brunch Tour in Halkidiki

Our goal was to find Halkidiki’s best spots for breakfast & brunch that offer unique dishes and a cozy atmosphere. Goal achieved! Find below our favourites.

First thing first, are you a Traditional or a Modern Breakfast person?

Explore the contrast between traditional Greek brunch dishes and more modern, fusion-style offerings. Most of the places combine classic Greek breakfast items with international brunch favourites.

Greek traditional Breakfast experience

Pittes, or Greek pies! Ingredients are sourced straight from local farms and receipts are straight from our grandmothers.

Greek yogurt is not your ordinary yogurt; it surpasses all expectations and sets the benchmark for quality. It not only offers a luscious and velvety texture when consumed but also holds a deep connection to Greece’s long standing livestock farming heritage. This extraordinary yogurt is abundant in essential nutrients, making it easily digestible and packed with protein. Moreover, it serves as a fantastic natural source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, providing a multitude of health benefits.

Experience the delightful sweetness of Greek honey that is sure to brighten your day. Greek honey not only enhances the taste of yogurt but also adds a unique touch to desserts and various culinary creations. The Greeks have a rich history of honey-making dating back to ancient times, which has honed their expertise in this art.”

Olives, eggs , cheese is also a must!

In Greece, coffee holds a prominent position during breakfast. Greeks have embraced the world’s most typical morning beverage in their unique way. Greek popular culture has introduced another favourite called the frappé. This is a quick and easy-to-make coffee using instant coffee, water, milk, and sugar, and it used to be a common breakfast choice. Today, regardless of the season, many Greeks prefer an iced freddo espresso or freddo cappuccino as their go-to morning coffee.

Ok now,it’s time for the fav-list though!

Lemonis Bakery is a delicious heaven on earth that creates homemade and fresh products using natural Greek and local ingredients. Here you will enjoy incredibly delicious pastries, traditional pies, bougatsa, cold sandwiches, cookies, sweets and ice creams. There are a lot of bakeries in Halkidiki, rest assured that you will find one close to you.

Terkenlis ,oh wait, can you smell already the tradition and the famous “Greek Tsoureki”? You will find also the Cake – Muffin, Tarts , Bread ,Handmade Pies / Croissant, Ice Cream ,Sandwiches , Healthy Bites and many more!

Zimi & Meraki : Traditional Greek Bakery , Patisserie & Coffee in Siviri.

Briki Kitchen Bar in Kallithea, Explore this cliffside cafe that offer stunning panoramic views of the sea. This view will add to the charm of a leisurely brunch.

  • Just a few steps away from Four Olives luxury rooms!

Notos cocktail -premium snack restaurant and bar , time to combine a tasty brunch with the beauty of nature.

Find our Hidden gems there, nearby in the same village!

Agora Beach bar: More Brunch/lunch than breakfast spot but we could not avoid including it in our list. It is a charming little beach bar & Greek restaurant hidden on a fantastic beach in Kryopigi.

Do you have any additional recommendations? Please share them with us!