Things to do in Thessaloniki’s Seaside Area

One of the favorite places of both visitors and permanent residents of Thessaloniki, is undoubtedly its seaside area. One of the largest in the Balkans, with an extend of about 5 km. In this area, there is a bike path for cyclists and plenty of space for walking along the entire sea front, from the Concert Hall to the port. So those who take care of their health and choose the bike for their daily commutes to the center, those who are looking for a means of exercise combined with the walk by the sea, those who want to have fun with friends, family and pets, the seaside area of Thessaloniki has taken care of them.


People can use their own bike, or rent one of the private companies operating in the area, in order to enjoy an amazing bike ride. In addition to the classic bicycle, four-wheeled bicycles are rented for families or large groups and of course bicycles with seats for babies.
Except from the bicycles, someone can rent one of the electric scooters that are scuttered around the city, in order to enjoy a ride on the seaside.

Boat rides

There are three pirate style boats right next to the White Tower of Thessaloniki, that operate as floating bars, cafes, restaurants throughout the day and night. The captains are waiting for you under the sounds of music to take you for a ride in Thermaikos bay and see the city through the sea. There is one more boat which can transfer you to the 2 nearest to the city beaches, “Peraia” and “Neoi Epivates”.
The starting point of these boats is just few meters away from our Authentic Retro Flat, in Ethnikis Aminis street.

Theme gardens

Along the new seaside part of the area, from the White Tower to Concert Hall, which has been entirely functional from 2013, there are 12 theme gardens. Each of these gardens has to offer something different in the enjoyable walk on the seaside area of Thessaloniki. The gardens are characterized by elements of nature, history and culture.

Glass kiosks

Crossing the new part of the seaside area of Thessaloniki, you will find 4 glass kiosks. There, plenty of drinks, fast food and sweets can be found, which someone can enjoy either by walking on the seaside or at the tables that are right next to each kiosk.

Chilling out spots

A lot of benches have been placed along the seaside area, which are crowded and you can hardly find space to sit. In addition, the platform with the umbrellas, the platform at Makedonia Palace and the old port are extremely popular due to their spot. The sunset view from there is magnificent.

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