Lending a Helping Hand During COVID-19

The short-term rental ecosystem was already one of great collaborations, but it’s clear we can come out stronger together once the virus subsides.

As people around the world practice social distancing and go through this difficult situation brought on by coronavirus, we are also finding new ways to connect and to help one another.

Extraordinary times call for innovative and thoughtful responses from our communities. And the same is true now for the short-term rental community, and the team of Feels Like Home.

Accommodation for Medical Staff and First Responders

Doctors, medical staff and first responders fighting COVID-19 need safe places to stay to avoid exposing their families to coronavirus, or simply need accommodation closer to hospitals. Recognizing this need, we offer our Thessaloniki apartments at steep discounts and open our doors to lifesaving professionals looking for mid-term rentals.

Accommodation for Self-Isolation

Although it’s tough to predict how COVID-19 will develop even over the coming weeks, we already know that hundreds of thousands of people will need to be quarantined. Whether they have already been exposed to the virus, are self-quarantining of their own accord, or are medical personnel isolating to keep their families safe, these people will need a place to stay.

Here at Feels Like Home we are offering all our Thessaloniki apartments as well as many of our Halkidiki private houses, apartments, cottages and bungalows to all the guests who are looking to self-isolate for a short or longer period of time away from city centers and crowded places. 

Redesigning our Procedures

Again, we feel the need to repeat how unprecedented this situation is and how we learn to navigate uncharted waters step by step. Right now that means learning how to cater to those guests who might be looking for a “self-quarantine” rental and flexible cancellation policies.

We make sure to leave contact information for home-visit doctors or other medical resources in our area in case any of our guests start feeling unwell, and deep clean and sanitize all properties with the utmost care before and after every stay. 

We’re limiting personal contact as much as possible now, and use this opportunity to implement solutions that minimize the need for human interaction.

However, lending a helping hand will always be our top priority!



Photo on the cover by our very talented friend Stefanos Tsakiris