Best Places for Brunch in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is considered the culinary capital of Greece and the city has gone all in on the worldwide brunch trend. Here are the best places for brunch in Thessaloniki, to enjoy the city like a local!

Best brunch in Thessaloniki

You can taste eggs in all shapes and forms, pancakes, burgers and many other international dishes with local twists. There are several places to enjoy delicious brunch in Thessaloniki, and here are our favorite:

 If you are staying in our Chic Apartments at Ermou street, you can enjoy some of the best brunch in Thessaloniki nearby at:

  • Estrella. Chef Dimitris Koparanis’ “bougatsan“, a cross between a croissant and a Greek custard pie, is just one out of many reasons to start your day here. A dish that made brunch in Thessaloniki popular!
  • Ergon Agora, which is in the same neighborhood serves brunch from 10:00 to 14:00 and features, among other things, eggs with staka (goat’s milk butter) from Crete on sourdough bread as well as croissants, marmalades and sandwiches. If you’d like to try a Thessalonian koulouri in a new way, Ergon serves them stuffed with cream cheese, chili and butter, all topped with two poached eggs.

If you are staying at the Authentic Retro Apartment at Ethnikis Aminis street or at the Traveller’s Nest at Egnatia street you can enjoy your best brunch in Thessaloniki at:

  • Canteen, near the White Tower. Brunch is served between 10:00 and 19:00; it’s best to make a reservation on the weekends. Try the excellent omelets, scrambled or poached eggs and freshly made sandwiches. The pancakes, light and delicious, are pure perfection and you can choose from plenty of toppings: anything from fruits to chocolate, honey, mascarpone or peanut butter.
  • Plateia Theatrou, where you can enjoy your brunch in Thesssaloniki by the sea, with a great view of the White Tower.

And for those on a budget…?

Cheap and delicious food options are everywhere, and you can most likely find a bakery that will have too many options for you to count and you won’t be paying more than 2€ for a delicious pastry or sandwich.

Seriously delicious and seriously budget brunching done right!