Barefoot Bungalow 2, Trani Ammouda

2 guests
2 guests
1 bedroom
1 bedroom
2 bathrooms
1 bathroom
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Key features


Walkable To Town
Pet Friendly


fully equipped kitchen
Equipped Kitchen
Air Condition
Coffee Machine
free parking
Free parking
Iron & Ironing Board

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Ιdeal for couples, our Barefoot Bungalow 2 is the perfect option for beach relaxation, within walking distance to  Ormos Panagias.

The mission of our Barefoot Beachfront Bungalow 2 is to provide a place of quiet in the midst of chaotic times… Come relax on the patio, swim in the beautiful turquoise waters, catch some sun on the white sandy beach.

It is right next to our Barefoot Bungalow 1, for spending time together with friends!

Ιdeal for couples, our Barefoot Beachfront Bungalow 2 is the perfect option for beach relaxation – it is just a few meters from the beach of Trani Ammouda, one of the best in Sithonia, and within walking distance to restaurants and mini market of Ormos Panagias.

The bungalow has a total surface of 30 sqm, offering a cozy living room – kitchen area, a double bedroom and a full bathroom. 

The bedroom also has an A/C unit, and a small sofa-bed where an extra guest can sleep..

The kitchen is fully equipped, and there is also a washing machine and a BBQ outside.  

AMA: 00001021902


  • Are the bungalows separate from each other?

    Yes, they are cut off from each other.

  • Are pets allowed?

    No, unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

  • How close is the beach?

    The beach is only 40 metres away.

Useful Information

Key aspects of the bungalow? Definitely the fact that it is just a stone’s throw from the beach of Trani Ammouda – one of the best beaches in Sithonia!

Either enjoy your siesta on a sunbed under the umbrellas, or lay a towel on the white sand and get as much sun as possible!

Barefoot Beachfront Bungalow is ideal for families with young children, who will absolutely love proximity to the beach and garden area.

During Your Stay

We strive to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that is different to what you get at hotels and hostels – something more responsible, more human, and ultimately more valuable. With that in mind, please do not treat our members or our services like you would at a hotel. If you’re looking for a chilled out, cozy atmosphere…a home away from home, then by all means book with “Feels Like Home”.

It is important to mention that all of our properties are self-catered. We provide clean sheets and bath towels, which we renew every week upon request. There are a few welcome products but we don’t provide goods for cooking and personal care during your stay. You are more than welcome to bring with you your own sanitary ware and products.

According to the Greek Law, we are obligated to register your stay, so the passport or ID number of the person making the reservation is needed.

About the Neighborhood

What is great about our Barefoot Beachfront Bungalow is that it is just a stone’s throw from a sandy beach. This means that you won’t need to use the car everyday, unless of course you wish to explore more places and beaches in the area – and there are plenty!

Ormos Panagias, the nearest village, is ideally situated to the east side of Sithonia. It is a small fishermen’s village, with fish taverns, a bar, bakery and mini market. Some of the best beaches of Halkidiki are located at a close distance (Vourvourou, Kalamitsi etc.), and the town of Nikiti, a highly touristic one, is less than 10 kilometers away and is worth a visit for a wider range of restaurants and large supermarkets.

As an extension to the villa, right in front of the garden, there is a very nice canteen! Just the perfect spot, cozy enough to enjoy a quick meal after the beach.

We kindly ask you to
  • respect the non-smoking policy.
  • take your rubbish out at the main gate of the complex, where the large bins are located. Recyclables may be separated, gathered together in large bags and be thrown into large blue bins located all around the main highway of Halkidiki or in town.
  • keep it quiet during midday (15:00-17:30) and after 23:00
  • save resources, both water and electricity. Please think in a more sustainable way and do not let the A/Cs working while balcony doors are open or water running useless.

Points of interest

  • Beach: 50m.
  • Ormos Panagias: 500m.
  • Nikiti: 7.5km.
  • Airport: 96km.