Travel Photography Tips

Here are the best travel photography tips you can use while travelling so you can relive your most cherished moments anytime!

Travel photography is like a time machine, freezing memories in time so you can relive your most cherished moments, and it incorporates many other areas of photography, too: street, landscape and architecture are all part and parcel of what travel photography is.

It is the feeling of a time and place. Some images remain timeless, others reflect the moment in which it was taken, portraying the land and its people. Some people collect souvenirs when they travel, others prefer to collect photos

Here ‘s how to capture your destination and its people, culture, history and feelings.

Wake up early

Light is the most important ingredient for great photography, and early morning (or even sunset) is the best time of day. The “golden hour” offers the most eye-catching and warm colors for a truly beautiful photo. Waking up early also means fewer people!

Use the rule of thirds

One of the most basic travel photography tips is the Rule of Thirds. Imagine breaking an image down into thirds, horizontally and vertically. The goal is to place important parts of the photo into the sections created, and help balance the frame.


Try laying on the ground or climb and shoot from a higher angle.Try shooting the same object from different angles and distances. And then try some more – never be satisfied with your first image!

Photograph with minimum gear

Learning how to capture travel photography with minimal equipment is a blessing. This is one of the most popular travel photography tips, so you can enjoy your journey much more.

Photograph people

Adding the human element to photos tells a story and images seem more powerful. Make use of people, both friends and strangers, to give your images life and scale. Remember to ask permission first!

Always bring a camera

There is a saying in photography that “the best camera is the one you have with you”. Be ready for anything, and always carry some kind of travel camera around, because luck plays a pretty key role in travel photography.

Never stop learning

Enroll in some online photography tutorials. Invest in a travel photography workshop. Go out and practice on a regular basis. This is how you get better – not because you have the latest gear or use popular Instagram filters.

Wander around

You never know what incredible photo opportunity might be around the corner. If you want to get images no one else has, you need to wander more. The best way to do this is on foot — without knowing exactly where you’re going. Pick a direction and start walking.

Pick a destination and start travelling.