Thessaloniki’s Secrets (Part 1)

Thessaloniki has always been a city of great tourist interest, though some corners of this beautiful place are yet to be discovered.

Feels Like Home presents a tribute to the little details behind the monuments, to the stories locals say to their children, to all the secrets that the city’s walls hide. Follow the secret steps and experience a different side of Greece’s second biggest city.

Secret no1:

As you walk in the city center right between the streets of Siggrou and Valaoritou where the city’s nightlife is ascending every weekend, you can see a tall building with a big arcade, and a clock on top of; this clock holds a big secret.

Time has been frozen, and  the clock in the Malakopi arcade in Thessaloniki “mark” at the time of the earthquake of 1978.

The blow of 6.5 rhythms in the Mygdonia basin, which killed 49 people, culminating in the loss of 29 human lives in the eight-story apartment building of Hippodrome Square.

The signs of Engelados are still visible in many monuments of the city, such as Rotonda and Acheroipiitos.

Secret no2:

The Column of the Snakes, a forgotten ancient Greek monument near St Dimitrios Church, which was considered a terror and a threat according to old stories that say that there was a time the city was full of snakes and everyone believed that the snakes emerged from this column because most of them were around the area of this monument.

Secret no3:

Within the sites with the best view, there is also a road surrounded by a scary and scandalous myth.

The street of Black Stone, is a small alley that you will meet as you pass Acropolis Street in Upper Town. It is just above the “Passover Gardens” and the mystical energy it exudes has enhanced the propagation of its myth.

This alley is surrounded by houses on the right and left, and ends at an open point with one of the most fantastic city sights. As for his legend, he says that every three days there or 15, as there are variations in this element, at 12 o’clock a gate opens, which does not lead anywhere and imprisons anyone who gets there.

Those unlucky who will be trapped in this parallel universe will roam forever on this road and can not be seen or heard.

To be continued…