Thessaloniki International Fair

The Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) is an annual trade fair of great importance for Greece and Southeastern Europe, held at Thessaloniki.

The fair was first held in 1926 and is now organized by HELEXPO in early September each year.

In 1925, at a time when the “Concept Report” dominated Europe, MP Nikolaos Germanos submitted his innovative proposal for an international exhibition, the first in Greece to the then Ministry of National Economy. He asked permission to implement his inspiration, received it and was immediately named the spiritual father of TIF. A year later, in October 1926, the festive opening of the first Thessaloniki International Fair attracted the attention of the greatest Greek and foreign businessmen of the time and, of course, fascinated the wives of high society. An important chapter in the history of the region has just begun.

This year, the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair takes place between September 9-17, attracting thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad.


  • Important Greek artists will appear live on stage! Every day, visitors and exhibitors of the 82nd TIF will be able to attend all the concerts at no extra cost, just with their TIF ticket.
  • During the 82nd TIF, visitors have the opportunity to tour the theme park “The Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas” inspired by the most popular fairy tales and heroes of the internationally renowned Greek author. Fans of Eugenios Trivizas fairy tales, regardless of age, will experience the unique experience of the original theme park at booth # 1.
  • 60 years ago, during the 22nd Thessaloniki International Fair, Frappé, the popular Greek coffee, was invented. The “Frappé Museum” is dedicated to the history of coffee, the myths and truths that accompany it, as well as the production process. The Nescafé Frappé beach bar operates on the above terrace, so that guests can enjoy the authentic Nescafé Frappé experience in an environment inspired by the Greek summer.
  • China meets Greece in Thessaloniki this year, in the heart of the exhibition activities of the Balkans. The 82nd TIF gives Greek companies an opportunity to cooperate, to inform companies about China, allowing them to lay the foundations for concluding trade partnerships in both directions.

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