These Christmas in Thessaloniki!

Christmas in Thessaloniki is all about decorations and melomakarona, so if you are thinking about Christmas holidays in Thessaloniki, we have inside info!

  • Tradition:

The day before Christmas in Thessaloniki, children ring doorbells and sing Kalanda (Christmas Carols), offering good wishes and expecting money or delicacies in return.

Christmas desserts are overflowing in Greece. However, the most typical Christmas sweets are kourambiedes (cookies filled with almond or nuts and dusted with powdered sugar) and melomakarona (a pastry that combines honey, nuts, cloves and cinnamon).

  • Decorations:

The center of Thessaloniki is also the center of Christmas decorations. From little mushroom houses, games and flying feathers to a beautiful carousel and a gorgeous Christmas tree.
This year, Aristotelous Square becomes a meeting point, a place to take photos, interact with the decor and enjoy the sunset. The Christmas scene will consist of the classic Christmas tree, illuminated cubes and “mirror” trees. Natural Christmas trees with fairy lights will surround the whole scene.

Straight up, behind Venizelos Statue on Egnatia street, Dikastirion Square will be the heart of this year’s celebrations.
The traditional Christmas market of the city will be set up for the first time in the Dikastirion Square, where you can taste local delicacies, such as “salepi”, a warm beverage from Salep flour.
It will incorporate a theme park with Santa Claus for children, activities and fairy tales. There will also be many events and activities for young people.

Our Ethnic Apartment is located right behind Dikastirion Square, 2 minutes on foot. So… if you’re spending Christmas in Thessaloniki with your family and children, this is the place for you! The children will absolutely love the fact that they are so close to Christmas center!

The lighting of the tree will take place on the 7th of December on Aristotelous Square, followed by a big concert!

Throughout the holiday season there are plenty of cultural events, kids’ workshops, holiday activities and performances.

Another street that is worth visiting during your stay is Agias Sofias! A blue “ceiling” of Christmas lights lies above the whole street, and it’s truly magical walking underneath. Agias Sofias is a pedestrian street, so you can enjoy your coffee and shopping easily. Agias Sofias street is just a few meters away from our Trendy Chic apartment!

If you are travelling with your family, a special someone or even alone, you will surely enjoy Christmas in Thessaloniki!