Reworks Festival 2017

Reworks Festival is aiming to give 5 days and nights full of joy, music, opinion sharing, thinking and dance!

From experimental sound and modern classical music to contemporary dance electronic, from the performances of established artists to the first shows of new and emerging talents, there’s definitely something for you to watch.

Reworks is a collection of sounds and ideas, a meeting point for loud voices, a place for dialogue and information, a window to the future. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece it aims to present the wide spectrum of contemporary music through the work of international and domestic artists.

Musical styles, live concerts, workshops, talks, free events are presented every year, transforming Thessaloniki into a meeting place for music and culture enthusiasts from all over the world to Greece. International acts, popular and upcoming local artists fill up the musical schedule of Reworks Festival 2017, held between 14-18 September.

Check the line-up!

The venues of Reworks Festival

  • Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Reworks Agora is opening Reworks Festival on the 13th of September 2017, and it aspires to be an inspiration to local creators and cultural workers, creating synergies with international experts and initiatives.

  • Aegli – Geni Hamam

The second day Reworks will present a special project for the first time in the space of Geni Hamam – Aegli. Aegli is located in Geni Hammam, a beautiful building of the Ottoman era. It operated as a hamam with separate rooms for men and women, with the usual layout of rooms, until 1912. For many years inside the hamam was operating winter cinema (until 1978) and in the garden was also operating summer cinema. 

  • BLOCK33

The 3rd day, Reworks is moving again this year to the space of Block33, presenting Dixon, Ben Klock, Aleksi Perala, Tijana T among many more other international acts. The space that hosts Block33 is a lot of 3 acres located in Sfagia area in Thessaloniki.

  • FIX Complex

Reworks turns a new page in its history by including FIX complex to its venues, for Saturday September the 16th. The industrial complex of FIX brewing company in Thessaloniki was built in 1892 and exemplifies the industrial architecture of the 19th century. It is located in the old industrial zone of the city and its total space is extended to 25 acres. The increased capacity of the venue will begin a new chapter in the festival activities.

  • The MET Hotel

On the 5th and last day, Reworks Festival like every year, says goodbye from the tallest Rooftop of the city. Its amazing terrace with its modern decor and incomparable views of the city’s harbor and beyond, is the best setting to magically end the last day of Reworks and arrange our appointment for the next year.