Modiano Market: A brand new paradise for food lovers

This historic Central Food Market, is almost a century old and one of Thessaloniki’s most important monuments and sights.

Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Ermou 32 & Vasileos Irakleiou 33 , and next to our Boho Chic Apartment  (just 500m away indeed!).

How it all began…

Engineer Eli Modiano, with architect J. Oliphant, set out to build the Market in an area of the city that the 1917 fire had destroyed entirely. The Market was built where the Talmud Torah Synagogue had previously stood and where architect-archaeologist Ernest Hébrard’s plan called for the development of bazaars. The French title of the market in the plans was “Bazar Central Salonique.”

In 1925 Eli Modiano constructed an elongated, single-story building with a basement and internal balconies, with a total area of about 2,707 m².

The inauguration of the Market took place in 1930 with a great celebration.

In 1983, the Modiano Market was designated as a listed building by the Ministry of Environment and Public Works, and in 1995 as a listed monument by the Ministry of Culture, as a typical example of a Market building with an arcade.

Over the next few years, the Market’s image slowly begins to change as most of its 144 shops are gradually closed. Although the image of the Market retains the memories of its earlier days, it is far from its original glory, with its final closure coming in 2016.

In July 2017, the Modiano Market officially passed into the hands of the Fais Group of Companies, with the signing of the contract by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.

Thus, we reach 2021 and the present of Modiano Market, which is on the verge of major remodeling, but also the future of a new generation Food Market concept!

Modiano Market is once again becoming the living landmark of Thessaloniki, as started by its founder, Eli Modiano, in 1930 and continued by Fais Group.

In terms of architectural interventions, the ground floor will host around 75 shops, divided into groups according to the type of food they offer. In the north and south of the Modiano Market, the two balconies will be occupied by catering outlets.

The final result combines modern shops with vegetables, meats, seafood, and fish from local and international producers and a variety of ready meal ideas.

Are you ready to visit this multicultural market of high-quality food that will bring together unique flavors and products from all over the world, from essentials to certified organic products and from local Greek products to fair trade and traditional products from various countries around the world?

Our favorite ones:

  • The artisanal butchery Deutsche Metzgerei Ochsenkopf arrives with its 25 years of experience and expertise, its suggestions, and a wish… Guten Appetit!Their hot dog is not a typical one 😉
  • August is the Thessaloniki’s longest-running beer bar – as it has already been around for 30 years and of course you will find them in Modiano too! Are you ready to taste the most unique Greek beers?
  • Tsakiris Family,such a name, synonymous with evolution and quality in nutrition, could not be missing from the Modiano Market, with its signature store -with fresh eggs from Neochorouda, Thessaloniki, and cereals of high nutritional value!
  • 72H by ERGON Foods is the difference between “just another bakery” and the next permanent taste temptation every time one passes in front of Agora Modiano. We can’t live without their croissants anymore!
  • Buchter Gotsis is the oldest shop with great meats, we do not have any favorite meat here as everything is so yummy!
  • The Makedonika Zacharodi Camelot store have it all: marshmallows, chocolates, even live lollipops and popcorn.Never too pink for us!
  • Pasta Fresca Mare e Monti :For Agora Modiano again, it means an authentic Italian touch, with fresh pasta daily and accompanying sauces .Anything with truffle is a must!
  • Picco – no words left! Try their pizza with shrimps

Ok now, we are full, time to come back in Urban Charm Apartment, just 6 minutes walking away from the market! Lucky us!

PS:Do not miss a walk around to Kapani area also, to this unique traditional market. 

Source: agoramodiano, © Άρις Γεωργίου