How To Survive Group Villa Holidays

In theory, enjoying your group villa holidays with friends and family sounds like a great idea. In practice, travelling with a large group can be difficult!

Luckily there are ways to avoid fights over itinerary and plans and ensure that your holidays will result in photo albums full of incredible memories.

Be Democratic

When it comes to group villa holidays, there is a big chance that there will be a lot of opinions on what to do/see/visit/eat. Voting is the best way to go here! Have everyone choose an activity and then vote on what takes place – majority rules. Keep in mind you don’t have to do everything together. One group can head to the museum, while the rest go swimming.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Need to rent a car? Mini-vans tend to sell out quickly so book in advance. Want a villa with several bedrooms? Make sure you reserve it as early as possible. A great option for large group holidays is our adjoining villas in Afitos Ruby, and Quartz!! Also, consider making reservations for your group at a local attraction or historical site and set up a guided tour, hopefully with a group discount rate.

Plan for a Lot of Downtime

On a similar note, make sure there’s time for resting during the day. Most people in group villa holidays will appreciate the chance to do their own thing whether it’s lounging in bed, reading by the pool, or simply getting some quality alone time during their much cherished holidays.

Focus on the Details

How will your group of 12 get from the airport to the house? Will you be needing a baby-sitter during your stay? There are a lot of details to consider, which is why some large groups want more planning to sort out the logistics. We can arrange your transfers and other requests so you can relax on vacation – just let us know well in advance!


If your large group will be divided up between several cars, or spending the day heading to separate activities, communication is key. Make sure everyone in the party has the full itinerary. Consider setting up a group text or go old school and write up a phone list or some other means of ensuring that the group can stay in touch with each other.

And last but not least, breath! You will survive!