Greek Law About Pets on the Beach

If you are travelling with your pet and want to know what the Law in Greece says about pets on the beach and pets in the sea, here is a useful guide!

According to The Secretary General of the Panhellenic Animal Federation, Sofia Tzoniki, the Greek legislation currently in force views differently pets that are just on the beach, and pets that are swimming in the sea.

The most important thing you should know when you travel with your dog in Greece, is that pets are allowed on the beach, but always on a leash. 

On free (not organized) beaches, the animal can stay or walk but must always be accompanied and tied with a leash – pets in Greece can’t run freely when they are on a beach. “The pet owner must have the pet’s health booklet with them, which indicates that the pet is vaccinated and chipped, according to Greek Laws”, explains Tzoniki. 

When it comes to private beaches, like organized beach bars, it is within the jurisdiction of the business operating the private beach, whether it allows pets or not – this only applies to the beach bar’s equipment of course, like its sunbeds and umbrellas, not the actual beach (which, in Greece, is always free!). Check out how many “Blue Flag” beaches there are in Greece, to get an idea of its beauty! 

However, please note that in most cases pets are not allowed to swim in the sea!

More specifically, pets are not allowed to enter the water when there are other swimmers present. In Greece, animals can swim in the sea only on remote beaches, where there are no other swimmers around that could complain.

If the pet owner with their pet is at a location where there are no other people present at the given time, there is no problem. But if other people arrive at the same location, then the pet owner must remove the animal from the water and keep it secured away from the bathers so as not to disturb them. Otherwise, the guardian of the animal will be fined, from 50 to 150 euro.

The Port Authority is responsible for intervening in the event of a pet in the water and the Police for its presence on the beach.

Is Greece dog friendly?

Yes! Yes, it is!

And when you travel together with your pet, make sure to book a pet-friendly house, too! Preferably one with a big fenced garden 🙂