Feasts and Festivals in Halkidiki

There are various feasts and festivals that are organised every year in Halkidiki. Anyone who visits Greece should experience the fun of a traditional greek night, because it is something fun and an experience that you will never forget. Besides, a traditional Greek night is always something special.

There are many events in Halkidiki, which are really interesting and fun. One of them is the Feast of Agios Mamas. Thousands of visitors from different parts of Greece are attending this event. It is a big commercial feast, with a wide variety of products (clothing, shoes, food, etc.) and many cultural events. It is organised in the first week of September, in a vast area at ​​Agios Mamas.

A well-known festival is the Kassandra Festival. It has been organised for many years at the theatre of Siviri and it is one of the most famous festivals in Greece. On June 21, every year, the official program is announced. This festival includes music, dance, theatrical performances and cinema, with participants from Greece and abroad as well.

The Sani Festival is also one of the most popular artistic festivals in Greece. It takes place during the summer months, on the hill around the Tower of Sani. It started in 1982 and aims to become the bridge between culture and tourism. It includes several events, such as Jazz on the Hill, world music, dance and arts.

The Afitos Festival, known as Afitos or Athitou Festival, is organised in Afitos Halkidiki in July and August. Visitors come to admire many events, traditional Greek music groups and dancing.

Another cultural festival is the Byzantine Tower Festival. It is dedicated to the tradition of Asia Minor, folklore and it is organised to commemorate the people of the region. It takes place during summer in Nea Fokea, Halkidiki.

Some other festivals that we should mention are: the Festival of Sea in Nea Moudania with theatrical performances, music and more, the Varvara Festival where people can enjoy various concerts and admire the natural beauty of North Halkidiki and the The Fair of Agia Marina in Fourka, where people celebrate the feast of Agia Marina, in the village square with traditional Greek music and dances.

Famous feasts are also the feast of sardines, the olive festival, the tsipouro feast and the feast of honey organised every year.

The Feast of Sardines is held in Nea Moudania in the 2nd week of July. Several cultural events take place for a week and the last day is the sardine celebration. There are free roasted sardines with white wine and the feast lasts until the morning.

The Olive Festival is organised in Olynthos on the last three days of July. The last day, a concert takes place, tsipouro and olives are distributed for free. This celebration also aims to remind people the history of ancient Olynthos.

The Tsipouro Feast is organised in Nea Fokea at the end of August. It is a feast with live music. There is also food and tsipouro that people can share and have fun.

Finally, the Feast of Honey is held in Fourka in August. The event is dedicated to the activity of local beekeepers. At the event there is a demonstration of the traditional honey harvester and during the celebration, guests can try donuts with honey, yogurt with honey and of course wine.

Another very interesting event, which takes place during the carnival, is the famous Polygyros carnival. There is a big parade and a big feast with traditional instruments and dances. Also the locals offer to visitors free food

Finally, the Waterdrop Festival is a new festival with a lot of interest. It is the ultimate water sports and music festival. It takes place in the ports of Porto Carras, where famous musicians create a fun atmosphere. You can try many new watersports, such as canoe kayak, sailing etc. Also on the beach you will find a beach bar with cocktails, food and more.

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