Explore Ano Poli in Thessaloniki

Ano Poli in Thessaloniki is a mix of tiny alleys, traditional houses, and stunning sea views, making it one of the city’s most beautiful corners.


The architectural style of Thessaloniki’s Ano Poli, meaning “Upper Town” will take you back to the Byzantine era and enchant you with its beautiful streets, views and houses. Those in ruins are just as picturesque – rich in both crumbling architectural detail and in contemporary street art adorning their walls. Older residents help preserve the neighborhood’s intimate character, too!

Due to its location, Ano Poli was the main fortress of the city with defensive structures (Eptapyrgio, Trigonion Tower) which were created during the Byzantine and Ottoman Period. Much of the Byzantine walls that surrounded Thessaloniki have been preserved and now form the jewel of the Acropolis of Thessaloniki.

High above the main town, it escaped the Great Fire of 1917 and remains the same enchanting labyrinth that it has been for centuries. 

Standing under the Trigonion Tower, once the city’s upper gate, it’s easy to see why Ano Poli in Thessaloniki was the city’s favored neighborhood for centuries. The forest is to your left and the whole of the Thermaikos Bay is stretched out beneath you. 

Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets surrounded by small beautiful Ottoman-style houses and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Thessaloniki and the Thermaikos Gulf, especially at sunset.


Don’t forget to have lunch in the small taverns with reasonably priced traditional cuisine. Some of them such as “Chinari” and “English” count over a century of life! Souvenirs can also be found in small tourist shops in the area, near Portara and Trigonion Tower.

Looking a little closer at the Byzantine walls you can see the borders of the old city because of the fortification which survives in many parts of the city.

Take some time to explore the old Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos and the Monastery of Vlatades which were built in the 14th century AD. It is one of the oldest and most interesting buildings to be found in Ano Poli.

Today many historic buildings have been restored or rebuilt, preserving the Byzantine spirit and many of its beautiful mansions.

And if you’re looking for still more nature, you can hike parts of the extensive trail system running through the Sheikh Sou Forest that borders Ano Poli’s northeastern edge.

Ano Poli in Thessaloniki can be reached on foot if you like walking, or by bus (No 22 and No 23). Going up the labyrinth-like streets might be tiring, but the good food and stunning views will make up for it!