Easter in North Greece

Are you ready for an Easter getaway in Halkidiki or in Thessaloniki?

With respect to the Greek traditions, Halkidiki is an excellent location to celebrate Easter. Dressed in the cheerful colors of spring, this place provides the ideal scenery for an Easter city break.

Folklore events take place during easter period, such as the rotation of the Epitaph in the evening of Holy Friday, Christ’s resurrection at the midnight of Saturday, and last but not least to mention the fun part on the Easter Sunday by cooking lambs with all the family together, dancing traditional dances and attending to local concerts.

A few minutes driving away from our house Beach Lodge in Ierisos, people dance the “Mavronios” dance.

In Arnea, young local people gather in the square, they dress in traditional costumes, and they give greek sweet bread, red eggs and pies to the world.

The day after, they have the custom of “kantari”. In the square of Arnea, there is a hanging “kantari”, and they all go there to be weighed. It’s a custom to see who ate the most at the Easter.On the same day at the square, there are swings that everyone goes and the women sing traditional Easter songs.

On the third day “Koutsamos” custom revives. At 8 o’clock men with traditional uniforms and armed are gathered with horses in Arnea Square. While they’re singing, they go to the Prophet Elias church, outside the village and after the ceremony, shooting with red eggs as targets begins.

If you choose to visit Ouranoupolis do not miss The Epitaphios there ,as it is distinguished by the intricate designs formed by thousands of tiny flowers, beads, and pearls.

On the other hand if you prefer an Easter in the city , Thessaloniki is a must!

On Friday don’t miss to join the procession of the Epitaph. We suggest the Byzantine Churches of Agios Dimitrios, Agia Sophia and Agioi Apostoloi, (all included in UNESCO world heritage list), as they will give you the opportunity to travel back in time.

Ps: Note that Agioi Apostoloi is just 1 minute away from K4.0 studios!

Happy Easter everyone !