Cleaning and Sanitation by Feels Like Home

Our expectations of what a safe accommodation is has greatly changed amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, making cleaning and sanitation our top priority.

The very core of what we do (and we absolutely love doing it!) is providing our guests with a home and not just… a house. We want everyone spending a trip or holidays in a Feels Like Home property to feel at home, away from home. 

It is no longer enough to just look for the visible signs of a clean place, like the absence of dust, or the fresh linens and towels, but rather it’s vital to know how sanitized and, ultimately, safe, each home is. 

Cleaning standards for Feels Like Home

We take much pride in the level of cleanliness we have been offering for years now. On airbnb alone, where Feels Like Home has more than 1000 reviews, more than 85% of guests have rated our cleanliness with 5/5 stars. 

However, cleanliness and disinfection had never been so thorough before – we now pay extra attention to what might be invisible to the eye, before we even enter the property, during the cleaning process between reservations, and upon departing from the houses. 

With respect to all international regulations, instructions from the Greek government and protocols issued by health experts, Feels Like Home provides sanitation and deep cleaning before and after every stay.

Arguably, the most important tool is information. Staying informed about the latest sanitation methods and transmission research gives our team the confidence to safely clean each property. We’re educating our cleaning staff on how to protect themselves and our guests.

  • All personnel are disinfecting their hands before wearing disposable gloves and have been trained in how to put them on, remove and dispose of them correctly. A separate pair of gloves is used for each room being cleaned.
  • All cleaners and technicians are wearing masks during visits.
  • All Hospitality Coordinators are regularly restocking detergents, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (including disposable gloves, masks, antiseptic gels containing 60%+ alcohol, etc.) 

With preparations and training in place, our teams are now ready to step into the apartment to clean.

  • Upon entering the home, our team ventilates each room for 20 minutes and leaves the windows open throughout the entire cleaning process, if possible. Our personnel then proceeds through our cleaning checklist
  • High-touch surfaces are disinfected according to instructions. Following COVID-19 disinfection guidelines, we opt for diluted household bleach and cleaning products with at least 70% alcohol, when disinfecting:
    • Door and window knobs
    • Cupboard handles
    • Armrests
    • Table and desk tops
    • Light switches
    • Table and floor lamps switches
    • Thermostats
    • TV and AC remotes
    • Electrical appliances handles & switches (i.e., fridge, oven, extractor, coffee machine, kettle, etc.)
    • Ironing board and iron
    • Sinks and taps
    • Toilet, flush button and toilet brush
  • All machine-washable items are run through a cycle at the highest temperature at privately-owned facilities. 
  • As always, everything from spare towels to stored-away cookware are thoroughly washed even if they appear unused. 
  • Moreover, cloths, mops and sponges are used for each house to stop any potential cross-contamination between homes.
  • Our specific cleaning instructions pertaining to laundry ensure that our guests have linens and towels that are renewed, thoroughly disinfected and smelling great:

A clean stay for the long haul: enabling our guests to stay safe while at home

Whether a guest is moving into one of our apartments tomorrow or has been a tenant for a few months already, we are highlighting a number of ways that they can ensure their home remains clean and safe, while minimizing their own risk of infection.

Cleaning supplies are provided so our guests are ready from day one for anything from cleaning up spills to regularly disinfecting countertops.

Only essential services and individuals are entering homes once a guest has moved in, and with their permission.

Whether you are one of our current guests or in talks to book your short-term rental, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home has been carefully sanitized and prepared for your arrival. 

By nature, our homes minimize contact, as they are self-catering accommodations offering privacy. 

We’re continuously adapting our offering to better serve you during the evolution of COVID-19-related guidelines.