Christmas in Thessaloniki 2016

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, and if you are spending your Christmas holidays in Thessaloniki you are most likely to feel that!

Hot to Spend Your Christmas Holidays in Thessaloniki

If you find yourself, this festive time of the year, in Thessaloniki, welcome the opportunity to enrich your holidays with a visit to major venues of cultural expression that offer a wide range of cultural activities. As the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds,allow yourself to feel like a child and fill your heart with joy and optimism.

Thessaloniki’s Christmas scene will have music and dancing events from early in the morning, late afternoon coffee and syrupy melomakarona while the evenings will be filled with theaters and concerts. 

Thessaloniki is a great destination throughout the year: either in spring and summer for a walk along the seaside, or in autumn and winter for cozy afternoons with friends at one of the city’s numerous cafes (or for evenings at taverns, or nights at bars – the possibilities are endless). 

The whole city is celebrating and everyone is participating with their friends, family and loved ones.

At Christmas, however, Thessaloniki gets all festive and beautiful! If you are travelling with children, they will absolutely adore the Christmas atmosphere, and you will wish Christmas lasted longer.

To begin with, Asterocosmos at TIF-HELEXPO should be first on your list. Several games, rides, activities, workshops, ice-skating rinks and mischievous elves will make you feel like a child again. Your children will absolutely love it!

Agias Sofias street, which was only recently pedestrianized, is the perfect place to catch your breath between all the shopping frenzy. At the middle of Tsimiski street and the city’s heart, the children will enjoy a carousel or train ride while you get a little bit of rest.

Extra Tip: Visit Blé and try melomakarona, a Greek Christmas delicacy you will never forget!

Aristotelous square is one of Thessaloniki’s most famous landmarks and also the most popular Christmas destination. Fully decorated, this spot has been the center of Christmas celebrations for many years now. Pass by on Christmas day and you’ll most probably listen to some great Greek music, live. Enjoy!

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