Best tip for travelling solo

Travelling solo might sound intimidating at first but it’s the most interesting way you can travel. Here’s the best way to get the most out of it.

Travelling solo then and now

The image of the solo traveller we used to know has long gone: it no longer involves backpackers in their early twenties, hitch-hiking their way across Europe, looking for cheap hostels to spend the night at. The solo traveller is now an educated adult and the whole world is just a click away.

Technology has made every aspect of travelling accessible and safe. From tickets and transport, to accommodation and entertainment, every single detail of the trip can be booked in advance, making solo travelling a piece of cake.

Do you know how to travel solo?

Travelling solo no longer depends on the kindness of strangers or luck – you know everything beforehand: it’s called reviews!

The plethora of vacation rentals comes with a plethora of guests commenting on them, and this is something you need to take seriously into account. Book a vacation rental with a number of reviews, and don’t just rely on the photos or location. What will definitely come in handy when you’re a solo traveller is the tips and information you can get from locals, and the best way to meet one is if he/she is hosting you.

Reviews on the property is a great start, but reviews on the host is what you should be really interested in. The best thing about travelling solo is that you can rest when you want and get back out there when you feel like it. But solo does not mean lonely. You still need to meet other people, get to know the place, live like a local: isn’t that the whole point of travelling solo?

A friendly yet professional host is the ideal link between the solo traveller and his/her destination. Recommendations, instructions, information, hidden treasures and best places to hang out are only some of the details your host can provide you with – details that will truly make your trip an unforgettable experience.

So if you‘re now sitting at your desk, planning on your next solo get-away, spend a few extra minutes on spotting that great host. He’s probably a traveller himself, and he holds the key to a safe yet great adventure, not just to your vacation rental.