Best Holiday Villas in Halkidiki Greece

Is Halkidiki your next holiday destination? Check out the best holiday villas in Halkidiki Greece and choose the best one for you!

Best holiday villas in Kassandra

Kassandra is the first peninsula of Halkidiki – usually referred to as “first finger”, or as Greeks call it “first leg”. In Greek, it’s called “proto podi”, and this is how you’ll hear most Greeks refer to Kassandra peninsula, so you should definitely use it if you want to impress someone!

The fact that “proto podi” is so close to Thessaloniki, makes it a little more crowded, especially during the months of July and August, and the weekends. It’s for those who want to be in more active situations, perhaps closer to a bar, a popular beach bar with louder music, more options for entertainment than for relaxation.

But do you know what the best part is? In Kassandra peninsula you can find holiday villas that can do both!

Chanioti, Pefkochori and Polychrono are most probably the most popular areas of Halkidiki, which, in summer, translates to the most crowded. But what if we could tell you that you can rent a holiday villa in Halkidiki that is both isolated and within 5 minutes by car to the most popular beaches?

Olive Pool Villa in Polychrono features 4 bedrooms, a private pool and a magnificent sea view, a few minutes away by car from Pefkochori!

Salted Lime Villa in Paliouri will also steal your heart with its private pool and lovely views, just a few minutes from the most popular beach bars of Paliouri!

And if your heart beats for the traditional village of Afitos, like ours, then one of these Afitos Villas will be the perfect place for you, as you’ll be in Afitos in 5 minutes on foot!

Best holiday villas in Sithonia

Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki, or “deftero podi” (which, you guessed that right, translates to “second leg”).

Sithonia is a more family-friendly destination, with remote beaches, dirt roads, pine trees that reach the shore and emerald waters. Sithonia should perhaps be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best holiday villas in Halkidiki Greece, because places like Vourvourou and Trani Ammouda are home to some of the most beautiful Greek villas you have seen.

Blue Ivy in Vourvourou needs no introduction, as it has also received international recognition through the architecture awards it has won. With its private pool, direct access to the beach and breathtaking views, it has never left any guest unsatisfied.

Another great holiday villa in Halkidiki is villa Thelma in Trani Ammouda. Trani Ammouda is an absolutely magnificent beach, ideal for families – its names actually means “Great Beach”, so it’s rather self-explanatory, but we can never stop talking about it anyway!

Villa Thelma features 4 bedrooms, which make it an ideal option for families with young children, who want to be right on the beach, all day long!

We know that looking for the ideal holiday home to spend your summer holidays in Halkidiki Greece is not an easy task. BUT! Feels Like Home is here to help you, so feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure to recommend the best options for you, tailored to you!