Beautiful Beaches Within Easy Reach of Thessaloniki

A breath away from the city of Thessaloniki lie great beaches (or should we say hidden oases?) that will help you cool off on hot summer days.

Thessaloniki is a truly blessed city, not only in terms of beauty, history and culture, but also because of its location, with these magnificent Thessaloniki beaches, easy to reach for a day trip by car, bus or even boat, here to prove it!

Peraia, Neoi Epivates and Agia Triada – The beaches closest to Thessaloniki

One of the most cosmopolitan Thessaloniki beaches with amazing views is that of Peraia. With a stunning 7 km long sandy beach, full of fish taverns and seaside restaurants, the beach of Peraia is the ultimate refuge for relaxation when you want to escape from everyday life, reachable even by a city bus from Thessaloniki.

Visit Neoi Epivates as well, for a swim or great dinner after the beach in one of its many seaside taverns, with some of the most exquisite names, like “The Waitress Vanishes Behind the Curtain”!

Another beach that is a stone’s throw from Thessaloniki is Agia Triada. At a distance of only 30 km you can find yourself on this beach and enjoy your swim away from the bustling city. During the summer months, even after work, you can easily visit it and enjoy an afternoon swim with your family, friends or partner.

Local tip: From May until October, “Konstadis” boat connects the port of Thessaloniki and the White Tower with the Blue Flag awarded beaches of Peraia and Neoi Epivates. At the same time it gives its passengers the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Thessaloniki from another point of view, through a 50-minute route.

Navagio (Shipwreck) and Potamos in Epanomi – The most beautiful Thessaloniki beaches

These absolutely stunning beaches are located in Epanomi, around 45 minutes from the city center of Thessaloniki, and you can easily reach them by car.

Shipwreck has the clearest water, slightly deeper than the shallow sea we are used to in the first leg of Halkidiki, and refreshingly cool. A long sandy coastline offers a unique scene with the actual shipwreck being the protagonist – rusty and imposing, the hull of a ship that ended up there when it sank around 1970 gives its mark throughout the beach. Nowadays, the Shipwreck of Epanomi is not the secret beach that the people of Thessaloniki used to consider exclusively their own spot. However, it remains one of the best nearby beaches in the city, ideal for those who love to carry their own umbrella-fridge combo away from beach bars. Extra bonus? The ample parking space!

At the same wavelength -literally- is Potamos/Fanari beach. These beaches have managed to draw the attention of those who choose not to drive deep into Halkidiki, as the water remains crystal clear. Much more organized in terms of facilities and beach bars, even the most demanding swimmer will enjoy their trip here!

These beaches have also been awarded the “Blue Flag” quality award several times, so you are certain they are top!

Local tip: These beaches are located after the tip of Epanomi, so the sea is much cleaner than the beaches that are inside the gulf of Thessaloniki (like Peraia or Agia Triada). Be careful though, because due to the very fine sand, the water can get muddy in the afternoon. Choose them for your morning swim!

Kallikratia and Nea Iraklia – Popular beaches near Thessaloniki

The beach of Nea Iraklia was a muddy place a few years ago, an image far from its current beauty! With the help of the Municipality, the beach of Nea Iraklia is not only a solution of necessity due to its short distance from Thessaloniki, but a clear choice if you think about the thousands of people it welcomes daily during the peak of the summer season. Large coastline, relatively easy parking, organized beaches and vibes for families and young groups if friends alike.

In the case of Kallikratia on the other hand, its beach is fully organized but it is not famous for its crystal clear waters. However, from the height of Kallikratia to the settlement of Geoponika, the coastline forms wonderful small coves, ideal for isolation and the absolute enjoyment of a good sea. Most coves have small beaches and are not organized, so you just have to follow the coastline of Kallikratia.

Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna – Beaches near Kavala to reach by car from Thessaloniki

Taking the road to the city of Kavala at about 80 km from the center of Thessaloniki you will meet the beautiful beach of Asprovalta. In fact, it is a great tourist resort with crystal clear waters and amazing facilities, while the natural green landscape will surely excite you! Asprovalta is a great choice for a day trip from Thessaloniki.

In just 1 hour from the city of Thessaloniki to Strymonikos Gulf, the beaches of Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna will steal your heart – in fact it is one large beach since these two villages have now been integrated. The beach of Nea Vrasna is 10 km long, while it is known for the fine golden sand, the crystal clear turquoise waters and the wonderful facilities. In fact, it has been awarded a Blue Flag, while it is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. There are also various restaurants and bars nearby.


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