Autumn is for road trips-everyone knows that!

Let’s plan ours in Kassandra , Halkidiki.

It is going to be a 2 hours drive and the distance will be around 91km.

1st stop:

Nea Fokea is a charming fishing village known for its historical landmarks.

Explore the central square, the Memorial of the Fallen, and the Church of St. Nicholas & the remarkable Byzantine Tower (constructed in 1407) and the 12 Apostles chapel atop the hill. Don’t miss the spring of St. Paul’s holy water, located opposite the hill.

2nd stop:

Afitos, perched on a 75-meter-high rock with steep slopes, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Toroneos Gulf and Sithonia.

Explore the church dedicated to Agios Demetrios (built in 1859) in the central square. Visit the prehistoric mound known as Koutsomylos, displaying ancient walls and the remains of an ancient quarry. Enjoy the stunning view from the high cliff.

This is the right place for the first coffee of the trip with sea view!

3rd stop:

Kallithea was established in 1922, though archaeologists have discovered remains of a prehistoric settlement. The beautiful cosmopolitan beach of Kallithea houses the well-preserved Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, dating back to the 5th century BC.

4th stop:

Paliouri is a picturesque traditional village with narrow scenic roads and old houses. It was founded in 1918. Nearby, the settlement of “Agios Nikolaos” boasts two charming small gulfs and a natural bay where St. Nicholas church stands prominently.

Visit the Church of Agios Georgios (St. George) (constructed in 1870) in the settlement and admire the 19th-century houses.Explore the Church of St. Nicholas (built in 1865) and enjoy the view from Cape Kanistro.

5th stop:

Agia Paraskevi village, surrounded by lush vegetation, holds great historical significance. It was repeatedly destroyed by Ottoman conquerors, with the last destruction occurring in 1821. The village is also known for the “Loutra” (Thermal Springs) on its southern side.

Explore the central square of the village and visit the Church of Timios Prodromos.

On the cliff, enjoy the natural spring spa offering healing waters and modern spa facilities.

Do not leave from this place without a lunch at Arhontiko restaurant.

6th stop:

Nea Skioni is a small fishing village with a rich history, founded in 1918 near the ancient city of Skioni, dating back to antiquity according to Thucydides.Stroll along the picturesque port walkway.

7th stop:

Kassandria, founded in the 16th century, serves as the administrative center of the municipal area of Kassandra. It boasts local architectural gems and historical sites.

Explore the traditional square with a large old plane tree, visit the churches of Genesis of the Virgin Mary and Agios Athanasios (both built during 1850), and admire the Townhall (1926).

The best starting and ending point is our Four Olives Apartments in Afitos.

Let’s go back then with all these amazing memories from this unique day in Kassandra!