7 Reasons to Visit Thessaloniki with Kids

Thinking of visiting Thessaloniki with kids? Here are 7 reasons why Thessaloniki is a family-friendly destination definitely worth exploring with family. 

Thessaloniki is probably one of the most family-friendly destinations in Greece – a city loved both by locals and visitors for its character and history, and for good reason. From early Spring through late Winter, and from hot Summer to chilly Autumn, there is a plethora of activities to try, places to visit and food to taste, that you’ll start wondering how come you hadn’t visited Thessaloniki so far!

Here are only some of the reasons why you should visit Thessaloniki with your kids:

1. a city with a warm heart

Thessaloniki’s city center is a lively hub filled with special cultural spots. Favored by a mild and sunny climate for many months in a row, it’s the ideal place to enjoy endless walks with your family. And what better place to do that, than the recently redone promenade? The New Promenade starts at the White Tower and you have more than 3klm in front of you until you reach the Concert Hall. Along the way, you’ll be able to buy ice cream, drink a cocktail on the go, rest under the trees’ shade, enjoy your coffee at the Nautical Club and of course watch one of the greatest sunsets ever! You can wander around comfortably and safely, and lose yourself to Thessaloniki’s relaxed vibes. And id the kids get tired? Rent a bike to speed things up!

2. a city with long history and unique culture

While visiting Thessaloniki with children, you’ll be able to visit ancient towers and walk its castles, get to know exciting civilizations and visit its museums. You will hear stories that resemble fairy-tales, and travel back in time. From our beloved Museum of Byzantine Culture and Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, all the way up to Ano Poli, your children will love learning cool new stuff!

3. a city with family-friendly spots

Creative activities for kids, libraries, parks, alternative play rooms, but also family friendly restaurants and recreation spots, are only some of the city’s hidden gems. You can do so many different things in Thessaloniki with kids, even if you’re here for a weekend or so. You can also try theme parks, like the Odyssey, or Asterokosmos if you’re visiting during the Christmas Holidays. 

4. a city that knows how to play and enjoy life

You’ll never get bored here! Events throughout the year, organized both in special venues and open spaces, will entertain children and their families alike. Our favorite activity is definitely the sleepover at most of the city’s museums. During the summer months, you may be able to catch a children’s show at thew new promenade, too.

5. a gourmet city

Thessaloniki is a city that loves good food and offers an abundance of gastronomic experiences both to kids and adults! There are many family-friendly restaurants with corners especially dedicated to the young customers, so you can enjoy the food scene of Thessaloniki with kids! And don’t forget about all the food festivals of the city, too! Usually held at the open space around the City Hall, with live music and canteens from the most popular places around town offering their delicacies, you’ll definitely don’t want to leave – neither will your kids!

6. a city close to unique one-day destinations

Thessaloniki brings a lot of alternatives for one-day excursions on the table! It will be very difficult to choose between the royal tombs of Vergina, ancient Pella, the lake of Kerkini, Olympus Mountain and Halkidiki, which is is highly recommended during the summer for a swim. But even if you don’t want to drive so far, you can get the boat from the city’s port towards the closest beaches, like Agia Triada and Neoi Epivates. A beautiful experience for kids, and a quick dive in emerald waters at a small fee that’s definitely worth trying! 

7. a city that offers unforgettable experiences

Ride a bike along the most beautiful waterfront in the Balkans, take a stroll around the city’s extraordinary markets, sail away on one of its small boats around Thermaikos Gulf. The memories created in this city will stay with you forever and we are absolutely certain that Thessaloniki’s laid-back vibe will make you fall in love with her.

And don’t forget: take it slow, carry snacks with you (always!), and enjoy Thessaloniki with kids!


For more details, check this excellent guide dedicated to a family-friendly getaway in Thessaloniki, created by the city of Thessaloniki and Pigolampides.

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