64th International Film Festival

Thessaloniki International Film Festival is the top film festival of South Eastern Europe and the primary and oldest film festival in the Balkans for the creations of emerging filmmakers from all over the world.

The 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival just began yesterday! This unique and special event in the cultural life of the city embraces almost every genre of the cinematographic art, simultaneously becoming a creative focus for Greek artists and a welcoming space for international filmmakers. Within the Festival, which has been evolving steadily and dynamically over all these years, the art of cinema finds its most creative expression.

The Festival consistently supports Greek film production and directors through specific actions and initiatives: first screenings of 23 Greek films, tributes to two great filmmakers, Takis Kanellopoulos and Nikos Perakis, as well as a series of actions honoring the memory of Michel Dimopoulos who, as Director of the Festival from 1991 to 2005, gave new impetus to the institution and broadened its international horizons, making the Festival a truly international event.

The team have prepared a rich program with select guests, showings of works by much-loved and new filmmakers, innovative thematic tributes, and fascinating parallel cultural events.

The red carpet has already been rolled out and Thessaloniki is once again at the center of the international film scene. The dazzling Monica Bellucci will be there too!

Our top picks:

  • Fallen Leaves
  • The New Boy
  • Maria Callas: Letters and Memories
  • Malena
  • The Last Taxi Driver
  • Cat Person

Find your tickets for physical screening here and for online screening here.

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