60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival has become one of Europe’s primary showcases for the work of new and emerging filmmakers. The event features the International Section, a panorama of Greek films, the New Horizons program, the Balkan Survey, and numerous retrospectives and tributes to leading figures in the world of film. The Festival is competitive with the International Section jury awarding several prizes each year, most notably the “Golden Alexander” for Best Feature-Length Film.

The 60th TIFF takes place between October 31-November 10, 2019 and it is definitely worth visiting!

This year, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival invites audience and filmmakers to the large celebration of global independent cinema from October 31 to November 10, 2019, showcasing the best films from all over the world, important guests and tributes, cinematic surprises, as well as a series of parallel events.

The 60th anniversary celebrations for Greece’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival launched with a poster designed by renowned illustrator John Mavroudis. 
The theme of the 60th TIFF: Overview Effect, an interplanetary experience of wholeness

The Overview Effect, an experience that can shake human intellect to its core, is the prism through which the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival views the 14 films of the International Competition.
For the third consecutive year, TIFF proposes a subversive approach to cinema by seeing, interpreting, commenting on IC films through a theme, a book, an idea, taken from another art or science.

You can check the schedule here. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance 🙂

The Festival comic

In order to celebrate the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival and all the things that characterize and compose it, in order to talk about everything the city loves and about all the people who have loved the Festival, TIFF prepared a special edition. TIFF presents the Festival, a comic book made by young artists. Festival deals with the past, the present and the future of the Festival.

Comic artists George Goussis, Panagiotis Pantazis and Georgia Zahari created a love story that deals with film, art, and life itself. TIFF is not only about movies: it is our days and nights, the theaters, the bright mornings by the sea and the crowded bars, the meetings, collaborations and co-productions, the discussions on our future. Festival will be published in Greek and in English.