5 Reasons Why an Independent House is Great for Holidays

Why booking an independent, private house for holidays after COVID-19 is the perfect solution to avoiding crowded places. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire world on hold. With flights canceled and major events postponed, we are just starting to see the effects of coronavirus on a global scale. Still, the closing of borders is already having a tremendous impact on the travel industry, and most specifically on short-term rentals.

With this in mind, we understand now more than ever the need for independent and autonomous accommodation, far from crowded places, while people search for a home away from home, a place to escape from their routines but staying healthy and safe at the same time. 

1. Staycation

Amidst this global pandemic, we saw the need of locals looking for a 2-4 week staycation outside their cities or even those needing to self-quarantine for 14 days away from their families. 

Some of our houses in Halkidiki with private pools, like Blue Ivy in Vourvourou, are the perfect solution to this, whether you need to self-quarantine, self-isolate or just spend some time away from your routine and own house.

We also recommend our Salted Lime villa in Paliouri, and Olive villa in Polychrono, both with private pools, for some extreme relaxation.

2. Fully Equipped Kitchens

If you’re looking for a get-away with your family, we understand the need for fully equipped houses that would allow you to spend more time at home, away from crowded supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. 

Feels Like Home offers fully equipped accommodation so you won’t have to be near large crowds to shop or eat, always keeping in mind the needs of a family travelling with young children and toddlers.

Check out some of our favorite family-friendly houses in Halkidiki, like the Rose Willow in Vourvourou.

3. Private Gardens

Beachside rentals are uniquely positioned to help city-dwellers looking to stay away from condensed metropolitan areas, given the current restrictions on international travel due to coronavirus.

If you’re tired of the quarantine in your homes and feel the need to breathe in some fresh air, distancing yourselves from other people at the same time, choosing an independent house is also great, as it can offer large patios, gardens and yards.

You can enjoy the sun and summer breeze in some of our Halkidiki houses with large private gardens, like the Sandy Feet Retreat or Sea Cottage in Vourvourou.

4. Walking Distance to the Beach

What’s most important though, is that while spending holidays in a private home, you may also enjoy a private beach, or at least a small beach only dedicated to a handful of people, like the one in front our Black Pearl house in Nikiti. Beaches with just a few swimmers are a great advantage of private rentals, as guests can enjoy more privacy and feel safer and more secure.

Our Beachfront House in Kalandra is ideal for this, as it offers direct access to a beach only used by residents of the complex, there is no other way to reach it, so it always has a few visitors only. Our Blue Firefly in Potidea also offers easy access to an unorganized beach, used only by few.

5. Minimum Personal Contact

Keep in mind that while the COVID-19 outbreak has been particularly hard on the tourism industry, renting private, independent and autonomous homes might be the ideal solution so that guests and travellers can continue their holidays while being safe and practising social distancing. 

At Feels Like Home we are also limiting personal contact as much as possible now, and use this opportunity to implement solutions that minimize the need for human interaction. However, we always remain one phone call away, which is one of the many reasons why an independent house is great for family holidays in the post-coronavirus era.



*photo on the cover by our very talented friend Aleksandar Nakic