5 Reasons to Visit Halkidiki in September

Halkidiki is one of the most worth-visiting areas in Greece during the summer period, because of the natural environment and the beautiful beaches. However, have you ever thought of visiting Halkidiki in September?

Find below 5 reasons why September is the ideal month for those who are able to avoid the reality of going back to school or going back to work.

Organizing the vacation

From finding the place to go, to the accommodation and the tickets, when you go on vacation in September, everything is easier! While most people try hard to find a place they like during August, when Halkidiki is full of tourists, in September this inconvenience does not exist. Most of the tourists have returned where their job is and you feel like the place belongs to you. So, you will find a cheaper accomodation and you will organize your daily life calmly and without the stress that someone else will take your place.


In September there is adequate availability in accommodations with all the necessary amenities and you can choose what fits your needs. Luxury resorts and villas often advertise their most significant discounts in late summer and early fall. As soon as September arrives, most destinations and Halkidiki are in “low season”, which will give you the opportunity to find some great deals.

Weather conditions

September weather makes travel to Halkidiki ideal for travelers who prefer less heat and humidity. The heat has subsided and you can enjoy your vacation in normal temperatures, without overheating and burning from the sun. Do not forget that the water in the sea, at this time of the year, is even warmer due to the high thermal capacity and therefore ideal for swimming.

Money saving

In September everything is cheaper than it is during the summer. Starting from the way to Halkidiki, the prices of rentals and tickets are very low. In addition, the traffic which is very high in summer, decreases a lot in September and you can go wherever you want cheaper and in much less time. Furthermore, the prices in the accommodation and the dining areas are very low, which implies better service.

Quiet vacation

Εspecially for those who prefer less congestion and limited traffic, September is an ideal period. Consequence of the less crwod is the quiet. If you do not like the noisy beaches and crowded villages, then this is definitely the best holiday month for you.