47th swimming crossing of Toroneos Gulf

The 47th Swimming Crossing of Toroneos Gulf in Halkidiki, will take place on Saturday the 15th of July 2017. Toroneos crossing is one of the most important and historical marathon swimming races in Greece.

The athletes are invited to cross a distance of 26 km from Kallithea, Kassandra, to Nikiti, Sithonia, without the use of fins or other auxiliary means of swimming. For their safety they will be escorted by vessels and speeding boats that provide wireless communication. The escorting boats are allowed to carry up to 2 escorts.

The starting of the race will be given at 8.00 in the morning of Saturday from the hotel “Pallini Beach” in Kassandra. The athletes must be at the starting point at least 60 minutes before the beginning of the race.

Swimmers from Greece and abroad have the right to take part as long as they have participated at least in a race of 5 km. The number of the participants is defined in 20 swimmers.
In case that the number of the applications exceeds 20, the selection of the participants will be held by the organizing committee placing a criterion on the international character of the race and also placing emphasis on the residency, the variation in all age and gender groups as well as the experience of the athletes.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation is 150€ and it covers some of the expenses of the race and the athlete’s and one escort’s accommodation for 2 nights.


On Friday the 14th of July a gathering for providing information will be held in which the athletes and escorts will receive detailed instructions and specifications about the race. This will be followed by a presentation event of the swimmers to the public in the beach of Nikiti. The presence in both events is obligatory. On Saturday 15 July after the end of the race a closing and award ceremony is going to be held. In the swimming crossing of Toroneos all the athletes are considered winners and are awarded with an olive wreath.

Announcement of Results

The list of the participants of Toroneos Crossing will be announced by the 30th of May 2017. After the announcement of the results the participants should confirm their participation as soon as possible sending a medical certification that declares that they are in the appropriate physical condition and to deposit the participation cost one week before the holding of the race.