21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival [1-10 / 3/2019] is here.

Subversive creators, original tributes, lengthy 178 documentaries and 49 short films from all over the world, including 50 feature and 31 short Greek productions, the Documentary Market and a series of separate parallel events.

These and many other cinematic surprises await us at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, celebrating for another year the fascinating art of the documentary.

The well-known Olympion and Pavlos Zannas halls in Aristotelous Square and the Tonia Marketaki, Frida Liappa, Stavros Tornes and John Kassavetis theaters at the Port of Thessaloniki, as well as the Municipal Theater of the Center for Culture “Christos Tsakiris” in the Pavlos Melas Municipality and the Municipal Theater Municipal Theater Sykeon will fill up with the audience,

showing each year more and more, to love this world-class exciting cinema.

Opening Ceremnony: Friday March 1, 2019, Olympion

The curtain of the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival will be opened with Marianne & Leonard’s Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love by Nick Brühmilde, who tells a great love: Leonard Cohen’s Marianne Ilen’s Norwegian Muse.

A love that wrote history, gave birth to songs and united them forever. An inspirational journey that begins in the 1960s from Hydra where they lived together for ten years and remains immortal in the songs such as So Long Marianne and Bird on the Wire that she wrote for her.

The common life of his favorite Canadian musician and his muse has also covered the back cover of the Songs from a Room album.

Their paths have been separated for the coming years, but their deep love has never been lost.

When she became ill in 2016, Cohen fretted her in her own way. He died 4 months later.

The award-winning director, Nick Brumblint, presents here a story that feels very personal. He borrowed deep love for Marian Ilene. He knew her since 1968 when he was in Hydra as a young photographer.

She became her friend, but also her lover. He foolishly made a documentary that closes within him the pulse of a life relationship.

Closing Ceremony: Sunday, March 11, 2019, Olympion

The 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival ends with a documentary that reminds admiringly of the power of the woman: the film Maiden by Alex Holmes, which tells the story of a bizarre female feat of a female genre that happened in 1989.

That year, an exclusively female crew participated in the ‘Whitbread Round the World Race’, the most painful of the species in the world. The risks, many. The risks, multiple.

Beyond the sea, these brave women had to overcome various obstacles: institutionalized sexism, mockery of the media, internal doubts, and the profound depreciation of their athletes.

A test-challenge and together a cinematic allegory for courage and self-denial, which deploys the grandeur of the female will.

Competitive Department

The Official Contest Program of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival includes 10 documentaries – two of which are Greek – contesting “Golden Alexander” with a prize money of 8,000 euros and the Special Prize of the Commission with a cash prize of 2,000 euros.

We also welcome Virtual Reality with the new VR / Virtual Reality Documentary Competition, which is hosted here at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Warehouse A, Port of Thessaloniki).

International Program

We discover what unites us with the rest of the world through documentaries on Human Rights, the Environment, Memory and History, Politics, Music, Cinema and other arts, stories from around the world (the “Human Situation” Food vs. Food, experimental proposals (>> Film Forward), and children and teenagers (Docs for Kids).

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