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Mykonos or Serifos, That Is the Question

I know for a fact that most of us think of endless parties when we hear the word “Mykonos” – and who can blame us, really? On the other hand, Serifos has always encompassed serenity and a feeling of relaxed holidays, away from it all.

Most definitely, this is not all there is to these islands. You can relax in Mykonos, and you can party in Serifos.

But why bother?

Why Mykonos

If you say you’re not visiting Mykonos for its nightlife, you’re lying. The party scene of the Mykonian summer season draws a cosmopolitan crowd from all over the world, and there’s certainly no shortage of places to go out to. In Mykonos you’ll find some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s, headlining parties till dawn. If you want to be right in the middle of partying, our apartment in the heart of Mykonos is the place for you.

Mykonos is also knowν for its celebrity-frequented boutiques, with luxury items and hand-made sandals and textiles. If you’re into shopping, you’ll be glad to hear that Mykonos draws quite the fashionable crowd.

Its beaches are also unique: Psarou, Elia, Panormos, Platis Gialos, and Ornos are only some of them, and Super Paradise is perhaps the most well-known beach of Greece, highly appealing to LGBTQ community, too. Check out our Anna-Maria maisonettes (I, II and III) right next to Kalafatis, to be close to where fun is.

Food-lovers will enjoy their stay in Mykonos as well. In the labyrinth-like streets of the Chora, be prepared to taste some phenomenal gourmet dining, especially seafood. You’ll be left in awe!

Why Serifos

The whitewashed stone buildings of Serifos, with their flat roofs and painted doors, make you truly cherish the unique Cycladic ambiance. The Chora, amphitheatrically build on a hill, offers some breathtaking views over the Aegean. Its picturesque streets and corners with small cozy cafes will steal your heart.

Check out our Family House and Cozy Apartment in Livadi, 5 minutes from the beach!

The best aspect of Serifos is that it is a family-friendly holiday destination. Numerous beaches that don’t get too crowded, either with stones, pebbles or sand, organised or not, and with a strong character, too, will take exploring to another level. If you’re into holidays off the beaten track, then the calm atmosphere of Serifos, with its distinct Cycladic flair, will speak directly to your heart.

Our villa in Ganema is the perfect place if you need peace and quiet, just a few meters from the beach.

Last but not least, Serifos is excellent value for money – and this is something most people don’t know. The cozy cafes, restaurants and taverns make holidays in Serifos quite affordable!

If you’re still not sure about how to spend your holidays, we’d be glad to answer all your questions at

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